Our name is Hour of peace evangelical ministry. (HOPEM). We are Christian group who follow the commandment of God as given to us in the book of Matthew chapter 28 which is the great commission. All authorities in heaven and the earth has been given to us to be able to do this. We are from different churches, different denomination and different background coming together as a religious group. Among us are pastors, prophets, prophetesses and ministers of God. The visionieer of the ministry is Evangelist / Prophet Adebowale Bankole John.  The ministry started in June 2016. The Administrator of the ministry is Prophetess Funmi Ogatimirin.

  • Our vision is to win many souls to the Kingdom of heaven and pull down the kingdom of the devil.


  • We are to preach the sound / undilutedword of God to mankind to transform their lives without any compromise.
  • We are called to teach the word of God to mankind so they can understand fully well what the scripture is really saying.
  • To deliver the people under the bondage of prophets of Baals and any evil forces that might put them in bondage in any form and to identify the wolves in sheep clothing.
  • To nurture and develop the people in their spiritual gifts so they can be fruitful as any fruitless tree shall be cut off.
  • To let the people repent of the sins and be more focus in the things of heaven by proving to them that we are not going to leave in this world forever, we are just passing by. Everything in this world is vanity upon vanity. Heaven is our home and heaven is real.
  • To gather physically once in a month to praise God and pray together every third Thursday of the month. This is referred to as Upper room service.
  • One to one counselling and prayer session with all our members.
  • Preaching the word of God via what’s app to all our members four days in a week.
  • Preaching on Facebook for the whole world to benefit.
  • We upload our messages on our YouTube channel known as Hopem TV.

    Going on retreat twice a year where we meet together to pray together as we believe that family who pray together stays together.

    Online Hopemradio station where we preach Christ. We have many ministers of God coming to the station to minister the word of God to the whole world.

    Great revival once in a year combined with our yearly anniversary. This comes up every last Friday in the month of June.

  • To relate to one another as members of the one Body of Christ throughout the country.


  • To demonstrate the essential unity of Spirit-filled believers in answers to the prayer of Jesus in John 17 21 “That they all may be one.”


  • To Foster the evangelization through the preaching of the Gospel with signs and wonders and the demonstration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit by presenting Jesus Christ as the only Saviour. (Mark. 16:19-20)


  • To serve as a forum of spiritual unity, dialogue, and fellowship for all churches and organizations Nigeria /world based on mutual equality, love, respect and sound doctrine.


  • To preserve mutual love and respect for each member group, maintaining “the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace “(Ephesians 4:1)


  • To organize meetings, conferences and training programs, seminars, symposium and work for fundraising events and creating awareness and dissemination knowledge about health related issues.


  • To set-up and develop Training Centres in remote rural areas of the State, to uplift the educational and economic standards of the neglected sections of society


  • To provide training spiritual discipline/educational /technical and all other economical secular areas.


  • To promote partnership in social improvement among government and non-government ministries/churches


  • To establish community welfare projects (For needy children, women and elderly people).


  • To help the needy with educational and medical support
  • To work as charity non- profit organization, non-political organization with other local and international Churches and Ngo’s for the betterment of the community.


  • To work and help minorities to provide religious freedom on mass media (Print/electronic)


  • Ordination and Licensing the Pastors nationally and internationally, that they can serve the Lord more better and effective way.


  • To work as non-profit to provide place for worship in institutions/hospitals/jails/factories.


  • To organize, crusades, conferences, seminars, training workshops


  • To encourage the Christian businessmen/women to establish businesses/industries to help and give jobs to the deserving and needy people.